TASIS England

Positioned just outside of London in Thorpe on a picturesque campus, TASIS (originally short for The American School in Switzerland) England is an independent American School.

The school enrolls day students from nursery age right up to year 12. They also offer full boarding for students from Year 9 to Year 12. Postgraduate opportunities are available as well.

TASIS England is one of the most reputable schools in the country. One of the reasons is that it offers the International Baccalaureate diploma (IB ), which is an internationally recognised curriculum.

The Upper School currently has enrolled 400 students, some of which are board (approx 180) and over 50 full-time and part-time students. The Middle School is segregated from the Upper school and has its own classrooms, sports area and study program and is capable of enrolling up to 160 students. It is specifically designed for the needs of students of this age. The Lower School however has smaller classes which create a more nurturing environment for its 220 young students.

Founded in 1976 by Mrs M.C. Fleming, the school implements an education that enables the students to explore their creativity, global perspectives, originality and critical thinking. This is conducted within small classes to provide essential individual attention. Every student’s potential is challenged,yet totally supported by the school. The students are encouraged to learn and explore by providing them the opportunity to take trips to historical sites within the UK and Europe. They are given the opportunity to explore some of the most magnificent works of art at Worldwide museums and experience music from greatest concert halls. TASIS England students gain an international viewpoint and appreciation by studying and associating with other students from varying backgrounds and cultures, and in particular by taking part in the field trips available to them throughout the UK and Europe.

In 1993, The Fleming Gallery opened at TASIS England as part of a new Fine and Performing Arts complex. It has since presented exhibitions by artists from all over the world and such events have been free and open to the public.
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It has been used as a teaching opportunity for students at the school, as most of the artists exhibiting their work have also lectured the students and run workshops as part of the school’s Visiting Artist Program.

TASIS England students come from over 50 countries and speak more than a twelve languages. Each student is given individual personal guidance via The College Counselling Office to enable them to flourish and gain responsibility for their own development. Of the 100 teachers at TASIS England approximately 20 of them are also employed as faculty residents in the dormitories. As well as teaching, the faculty staff advise, coach and attend all travel and weekend trips. They are also responsible for supervision of the campus during the evening and at weekends creating a stable community for the school.

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