Through Tae Bo to Turbo Jam: The Best in Kickboxing DVDs

For many years, video workouts were made up of techniques you’d only find in latin dresses. But toward the late 1990’s, a new trend emerged. Martial arts-style kicks and punches were weaved into cardio workouts making house exercising even more fun and challenging than before.
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Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo videos were the first to bring kickboxing to the mainstream. Since their release, dozens of other workouts have followed ranging from gentle, easy-to-learn kickboxing moves to hardcore drills not for the weak hearted.

Easing into kickboxing

Want to get a feel for kickboxing workouts or even slowly ease back into the moves? There are two DVDs that will help you. Quick Fix: Cardio Kick and 10 Minute Solution: KickBox Bootcamp both consist of four, 10-minute workouts. Leslie Sansone offers an easy workout on her Walk and Kick DVD.

Nothing is better than the original Tae Bo workouts. The particular “Basic” workout from the original series is ideal for beginners. Also, if you still have a VCR and can find copies of the “Tae Bo Live! inch series either in a bargain rubbish bin or on eBay, the basic exercises from this series are also exceptional workout routines. (They have not been released on DVD yet. )

New to exercise scene is a popular series called Turbo Jam. The creators of Turbocharged Jam included an instructional workout (called “Learn”) as well as slower-paced workout (“Burn”) to help beginners get used to the moves.

Other excellent introductions to kickboxing include “Jillian Michaels’ Biggest Winner Cardio Kickbox” and “Caribbean Workout: Kickboxing”.

Want a challenge?

As soon as you’re learned how to do a roundhouse kick to perfection and your punches are strong and powerful, it can time to step it up.

There are over a dozen Tae Bo workouts designed for the intermediate user. There’s “Cardio Circuit”, “Rounds” and “The Energy Within”.

Turbo Jam also has more challenging workouts including “Cardio Party 1, 2 & 3”, “Fat Blaster” and “Lower Body Jam”.

There are also many lesser-known gems. One of the best kickboxing workouts ever produced is Kathy Smith’s Kickboxing Workout. It’s a thorough and smart kickboxing experience. Also be sure to check out the Powerstrike series along with Guillermo Gomez’s Kickbox Underground plus Sharon Mann’s Shape Up With Sharon: Kickboxing.

DVDs an advanced kickboxer can appreciate

Yes, Billy Blanks furthermore caters to those who have worked their method up to being an advanced kickboxer. His “Bootcamp” series is far beyond his original series as is his “Extreme” DVD.

But if you’re looking for a powerful workout, look to the instructors who are known for their hardcore workouts.

Janis Saffell (who specializes in kickboxing) has her Hardcore Kickbox Circuit, Kickbox Express and Kick It exercises which are well-done and will push a person beyond your limit.

Kimberly Spreen’s Box-N-Flow, Cathe Friedrich’s Kick, Punch plus Crunch and Kelli Robert’s KickButt Combat are worthy of your collection and are workouts any kickboxer would want to work their way up to.

Final suggestion:

Often times kickboxing workouts are criticized for not sticking to traditional kickboxing movements. Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren, a personal trainer referred to as “GI Jabb”, has a solid history in martial arts training. Her experience and mindfulness of proper type shines through in the traditional-inspired workouts she offers for all fitness levels.

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