Christian Sex – Does a Long Passionate Kiss Count As Cheating?

Christ said that even if you only lust after a man or woman, without the physical contact, you have already committed adultery with that individual in your heart.
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Just think how many occasions viewers of porn have dedicated adultery.

Matthew 5: 27
You have heard that it was said to those of outdated, “You shall not commit adultery” But I say to you, whoever looks at a woman to lust on her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Some may declare watching porn or lusting following a person without the physical act is completely harmless and it won’t cause one to cheat, I disagree, its one thing to be happily married and you can nevertheless appreciate the beauty of another person without lusting whether that “hot babe” neighbors of yours in Apt 7A or that Mr. “McDreamy” a person encounter each day on your way to work each morning, its another thing to lust next co-worker or your spouse’s closest friend etc Not to mention the fact that watching porn is disrespectful to your spouse.

The more you think about having sex with someone other than your spouse, the more its burned into your mind and you start thinking of methods to make it a reality, the thought or image of you, engaged in hot and weighty sex with this person or even individuals porn pictures that you hide under the bed, is burned in your unconscious and it will make you want your spouse in order to imitate what you’ve seen or you’ll try to seduce and have sexual intercourse with the person you’re lusting right after.

The saying, out of the heart; the mouth speaketh is not an empty phrase.

Imagine if you were chatting online with somebody, and you felt that you had so much in common with,

“Wow, my spouse won’t know me as well as you do, all of us just have this powerful connection” or possibly you were chatting back and forth, engaging in a lot of sexual banter trying to outdo one another about what you want to do to each other sexually and how fast or slow or lengthy you want to do it, Meanwhile your spouse is usually innocently in the bedroom watching TV completely unaware of your sexual chat happening fast and furious just foot away in the next room,

Can you honestly say that is not cheating and that its just bravado, having fun and it will in no way go anywhere, we’ve both fixed limits, we know how far to go? You may not?

What if you were at work and you had been talking to your co-worker, whom you have known for years, you’ve had the casual “how are you? ” over the years, but now you’ve had a few conversations with one another, you’re feeling good about all the interest you’re getting and the conversation

turns to sex and you end up discussing a long, slow, wet and passionate kiss and you feel bad about

it; but reason, “I will not let that happen again” My spouse doesn’t have to know; it will only make things worse, what she/he doesn’t know won’t hurt her/him” Would that qualify as infidelity?

You don’t have to engage in physical contact to get committed adultery and even when it will get physical, whether a passionate hug, a “loooonger” than usual embrace or that “dirty talk” the still cheating. Physical Adultery, similar to a toddler learning to walk, starts with very small steps, lust builds directly into fantasy and can lead into masturbation or going out to make your lust fantasy a reality.

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