The way to Hire A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Or Private Event

Hiring a makeup artist to come on area for weddings or special events has become the latest addition to wedding services.

iStock ImageMost women have a trusted stylist they discover on a regular basis. On occasion when styling is only needed and their regular stylist is unavailable, they will usually allow someone else style their hair. As for make-up it is a different story. Most women who are not public figures or superstars do not have a personal professional makeup designer in their rolodex. When a special occasion comes up, most do not have a clue on where to find one or even the process within hiring one. They began to ask around or search the internet, or end up at a cosmetic counter where they might leave with products they failed to want in the first place. In the beauty market, new makeup artists emerge daily. Some work at cosmetic counters, some sell for cosmetic lines and others who also work in Fashion and Entertainment. Then you have the more extreme artist basically in Special effects, creating monsters plus transforming stars into some our own most hated Villains and loveable characters. Oh I forgot the particular artist who did nice makeup on their sister for prom that now is a makeup artist.

There exists a major difference in finding someone to do your makeup, and booking a professional makeup artist. Most professional makeup musician have gone to school and most are licensed esthetician or facial professional. Some makeup artist started from your ground up working for years with hands on training servicing the public. Brides and private events are not their own only clients. They make a living without any side jobs working in areas of production, film, television, print and catwalk. They understand skin types plus facial bone structure. They understand the proper sanitation and sterilization for their tools, how to prevent contamination of generally there products, and how not to transfer bacteria from one client to another. They understand the importance of facial contouring and covering which is used to change eye shapes, proper noses, create cheeks bones etc … They understand skin tones plus usage of the right color pigmentation which will match your complexion on the spot, without having error, no matter how light or dark your skin may be.

When a professional makeup artist arrives, their main concern will not be to sell you products. If they sell a product that you want to buy, then that is just business and your happy. However , the goal will be to give you an ideal even complexion while enhancing your best features and hiding imperfection. Remember, shopping for a makeup artist with the cheapest price is not a good idea. Good quality make-up and talent cost. The less expensive the price, the cheaper the products plus skill quality, you will get what you purchase. Your search should be base on the greatest artist with the best work that can do the job, even if you have to save for this. A good photo is timeless, go through the makeup in old photo’s associated with Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayward, At the Taylor timeless or what?
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Do your home work and hire intelligent. Check credentials; ask if they carry a professional license to perform the services you will need. A licensed hair stylist will either be a full cosmetologist, or have some sort of license to touch your hair. Hiring a licensed professional protects you, plus secures you that the person if you’re hiring has the proper training plus skills. Would you hire an unlicensed plastic surgeon? No, you check credentials, years of experiences and you want to see plenty of work they have done in the past.

Check the States Department of Business and Professional regulations to search the license number or name of the person you’re hiring.
In the State associated with Florida it is Florida Department associated with Business and Professional Regulations.

Get them to back up the years of experience these are claiming and charging you to get. Ask questions; ask to see their function and more work. Trials for hair styling are essential and should be for both client and artist to work together. Trials for makeup should be your decision to do and not a suggestion from the designer. A professional artist does not need a trial to perform beauty makeup. In production we are able to not do trials, we are given ideas and it is our job as the artist to produce. Do not get caught up in advertisement words, the proof is within the WORK! A makeup artist that has had been in the industry for years, licensed delete word, will have a portfolio and a site filled with there actual work (not bought stock photo’s). When a make-up artist is consider for a job any where else in this profession, without the proper creativity, skills, license, curriculum vitae and images to show, they will not become hired.

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