That one particular question always plagues users and businesses across the globe. Usually small company units find shared hosting a very cost-effective and a viable option.
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However , in due course of time, businesses increase and usually outgrow the shared web hosting plans that they once started with. That’s where Virtual Private Machine (VPS) comes into play. VPS, as per a business point of view, serves both, small time business houses, as well as, mid-sized systems; both of which have a bulk of information to handle on a daily basis, via their web site or by e-mail. In the specialized language VPS basically bridges the gap between Shared Web Hosting Services and Dedicated Hosting Services, providing every single user an equal amount of freedom in the rest, while maintaining economy in operation.

Though both VPS and Shared enviroment have several similarities such as, usage of a single server to provide services, similar level of compartmentalization to separate multiple users’ files from each other; they still have a clear distinction. This distinction is going to be outlined in the rest of this article upon very specific grounds.

Private Email Server & IP Address

Whilst shared web hosting solutions share both the web server and e-mail server, with a VPS Hosting Solution an organization, may have the privilege of having its own email server, exclusive to handle all its mails. Since in a VPS, the email would be generated from an unique IP address, it will ensure quick plus accurate delivery, ensuring privacy all the time. Moreover it prevents Spammers through infesting your mailbox.

An Exclusive Os

With VPS servers, one likes the exclusiveness of having, full autonomy in terms of operating systems that would be designed plus would cater exclusively to the requirements of the VPS to use. While this kind of system seems identical to having an ardent server, one still enjoys the benefits of a shared hosting account.


A very advantageous feature of VPS, that makes it a more viable option over Shared hosting is, that no one customer, is within a position to have access to a larger reveal of resources. Hence uniformity and reliability always prevails.


So far as security is concerned VPS accounts are insulated from each other, this reduces the threat that unauthorized entry can bring along with, ensuring safety towards hackers or other customers. Further since the account is in isolation, any kind of 2 attack, intended for someone else, would not impact the user.

Firewall Customization

With a Shared web hosting, necessary access must be provided to users, to be able to access web-mail, TAKE, FTP etc . With a VPS program in place, the firewall is capable of being locked down, in order to offer access from specific nodes, to a certain set of services. This is possible as a VPS is a standalone environment.

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