Stunning Color Trends For Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Among the best things about cubic zirconia earrings is the breadth of options.
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Their availability in classic styles makes these parts easy to coordinate with other jewelry. Their particular stunning combinations of materials and colors form unique, signature items. Whether you’re wearing sterling silver or gold metal, color enlivens jewelry and is great for today’s bolder, fashion-forward trends.

Cubic Zirconia In a Range Of Colors

Today, you’ll find cubic zirconia in every colour imaginable. From fiery reds to delicate yellows, these stones typically range from 3mm-10mm in size with as much clarity as precious stones, or even more. In addition to the clear diamond style, this most popular colors for cz jewelry are pink, champagne and light green. Besides traditional diamond slashes such as pear, marquise and oval, you’ll find these colorful stones in sweet shapes like hearts and butterflies that bear an unique twinkle. All of these colors and shapes are available in studs, dangles, and most other earring styles. A set of colorful cz earrings in a dramatic color combined with a classy black or white outfit will be undeniably the perfect evening look.

CZ Combined With Gemstones

The popularity of multi-colored gemstones combined with cz is also the hot trend. It is regularly discovered complimenting amethyst, peridot and all some other birthstones. These earrings can have a thoroughly clean, modern feel in a simple platinum setting, or adopt an antique appearance with fine detailing and a marcasite setting. We’re also now seeing pairings of bright blue turquoise and cz which conveys a good earthier elegance. Finally, luxurious enameled surfaces are making a comeback, where you’ll find colorful enamel pieces adorned with brilliant, clear cubic zirconia gemstones.

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