Arm Lift Information

What exactly is an Arm Lift?
An hand lift is also known as a brachioplasty. It is a surgical procedure for removing excess epidermis and fat on the underside from the arm from the shoulder to the knee. This gives the arms a leaner, more youthful contour and helps your upper body look more toned.

Why Obtain an Arm Lift?
The most popular reason behind getting an arm lift is that you have experienced dramatic weight loss that has still left you with saggy, drooping skin. This excess skin on the top arm can look flabby, which can be embarrassing or cause you to be self conscious when you wear anything with brief sleeves.

Dramatic weight loss isn’t all those things contributes to loose skin on the top arms. Some people develop dropping, loose skin in that area as a natural consequence of aging and the law of gravity. Exercising regularly (especially the triceps) will keep your muscles tight, but it refuses to fix excess skin or remove stubborn, diet-resistant fat deposits.

Along with eliminating excess skin and fat, an arm lift will result in tighter underlying tissues of the underside of the top arm. This will give the arm in general a tauter, smoother appearance.

Who is A Good Candidate for an Arm Raise?
A good candidate for an arm lift will have realistic expectations of the outcomes of the surgery, and will be in good mental and physical health. He or she should be undergoing the procedure for personal reasons, and not to satisfy anyone else. Non-smokers are usually better candidates for any surgery than smokers because smoking interferes with the particular healing process.

The patient should be an adult that is at a stable weight (significant weight reduction or gain can alter the results). Even very thin people can be genetically predisposed to developing “bat wing” arms as they age, so they should not rule themselves out as candidates for the procedure.

A good candidate will have excess skin with bad elasticity on the upper arm. The most common candidate for this procedure is an individual who has lost a large amount of weight lately.

What Happens During My Consultation for an Limb Lift?
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During your initial consultation, the particular Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performing the particular arm lift will review your medical history. He will evaluate the skin of your upper arm, discuss your goals, and perhaps take some pre-operative photographs. The surgeon will then describe the surgical procedure and any pre- and post-operative care instructions. He will also discuss any risks associated with an hand lift.

How Do I Prepare for an Limb Lift?
Your surgeon will probably purchase some lab tests beforehand to make sure you happen to be in good health. You will need to stop smoking a minimum of six weeks before the surgery and for six weeks after. You will be given instructions on when to stop eating and drinking the night prior to the surgery. You might also need to adjust any medicines you’re taking (especially blood thinners, aspirin, and certain herbal supplements) so they don’t interfere with your recuperation.

Review any paperwork and post-operative instructions beforehand to make sure you don’t have any kind of questions. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

How is a good Arm Lift Done?
Once you reach the surgical center, you will be prepped for the arm lift procedure plus given anesthetic. The type of anesthetic will depend on whether you are having additional procedures completed at the same time- your surgeon can help you decide what anesthesia method is very best. The surgery itself will take among one and three hours, based on how dramatic your arm raise is going to be.

The incision will be within your upper arm, or on the back of the upper arm, depending on your surgeon’s preference and your individual situation. The length of the incision can also be dependent on your situation- the more skin you need removed, the longer the incision will be. It can run through the elbow to the underarm, or end up being significantly smaller. A smaller incision made just at the underarm is called a minimal incision.

Excess skin will be removed once the incision is made. Stubborn fat deposits will be cut out, or removed with liposuction. If necessary, the underlying tissues will be tightened or smoothed out with the use of surgical sutures. The skin is then tightened around the newly-smooth arm, and the incision will be closed.

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