Essential Features of Successful E-Commerce Sites

Making a popular product page is not just regarding design but also about superb consumer experience, which will even decide a sizable part of your success. Bear in mind often that customers are often attracted to user friendly e-commerce sites with professional design that they find deserving their trust.

What we want to point out is that your web site must have all the right features. The actual collection of features your site will need varies slightly according to the nature of your business but what we have here is a listing of essential elements for any online retailers. With all these components on your site, you give customers a trustworthy web commerce site that they’re looking for and will therefore enjoy great sales.

Prominent Research Box

All visitors want to quickly find all products they’re searching for so prominently provide a search container at the top of the page.

Product types

Not only must your e-commerce web site have good navigation it also must be clearly organized. Therefore it’s important which you provide clear and easily accessible item categories, usually on the side columns or even at the top of the page.

Unique product description

Having an unique description actually sets you apart from your competitors not only in search results but also on your item pages as well. Also, as you can have more keywords and words for indexing, the extra SEO advantages are incredible!

Detailed product information

Besides products’ price, you also need to provide item availability. This detail is unfortunately often neglected but thinks showing how disappointed customers would be to find the actual chose is no longer available. Plus, viewing the scarcity of an item is likely to encourage a customer to make a decision. Clients generally like to see a lot of information about a product so that they can decide better therefore make sure you provide all information on hand, from technical details (weight, materials, dimensions… ) to any additional information(awards, rankings… ).

Beautiful page design plus product photos

Shoppers, especially on the web shoppers, buy with their eyes.
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For this reason beautifully designed websites with beautiful product photos are often super well-known. Furthermore, to bring shoppers a similar feel and touch experience, there should be beautiful zoom-in option for your product images mainly because customers are more reassured to be able to see details of an item.

Add to cart button

Prominent Add to cart button along with contrast colors is the key of prosperous e-commerce sites to make big proactive approach.

Add to wishlist button

This option is especially dedicated to customers who are interested in a product but not needing it yet or even are still hesitating. On the retailer’s aspect, this feature helps them learn about the customer’s interest and can remind these an email or on the next time they visit the site.

Good payment gateways

You should display all available transaction gateways clearly because this might have a major effect on the purchase decision associated with first-time visitors. Generally, it’s easier for customers to rest assured when you supply their preferred payment methods.

Delivery information

Customers also care a great deal about the delivery cost and period as they might wish to receive the items within a specific time period. Therefore include below the product details specific delivery time and delivery method.

Flexible returns policy

Make sure that you provide particular and flexible returns policy so customers can feel safer about purchasing on your site. An unsure customer is more likely to buy your items if she knows she may return them if anything is usually wrong.

Contact number/ Live conversation

It’s a good idea to provide a contact number or perhaps live chat if possible to promptly answer all questions customers might have about the products or service you offer. In such cases, this feature is definitely capable of saving you a lot of sales.


First impression is important so trustmarks are a good feature to consider putting on your e-commerce site. Customer testimonies & security signs give a sense of being trustworthy so less famous retailers should take advantage of them.

Highlight special offers &featured products

An effective created product page shows customers what they want to see so show all available deals and top sellers exactly where they can see, preferably on the home page slider or side columns. This too helps you push the sales of the product.

Related product section

We can say that this is the best possible way to perform cross-selling and up-selling, which is also extremely easy. When you show customers good recommendations of products related to what they have purchased or are looking at, you could be able to persuade them to buy a lot more. This explains why the large Amazon has sections like “People who liked this also liked… inch or “Customers who bought this actually also bought… ” themselves!

Product ratings & customer reviews

A lot of item pages display the average rating and number of review for an item correct beside its title so consumer can quickly have an idea of how others regard such item. And as on the internet shoppers are influenced by interpersonal proof, their decision to buy will be greatly affected. It’s a good idea to show comprehensive reviews and probably a summary of item pros and cons if possible near the end of the product page.

Newsletter subscription

Your clients will be able to catch up with the latest news plus promotions, while you can put up a customer email database for your next advertising campaigns. You know, this is simply what we should call killing two birds with one stone!

Social media presence

Getting social media logos is a clever way to increase your chances of reaching more target audience. Simply imagine how your visitors will help you promote your products when they’re shared openly on popular social networks! Moreover, great customer interaction and support because provided via networking sites will often be viewed by customers as the indications of a reputable online retailer.

This is a variety of must-have features that should appear on your own product page. Although this list might not be complete and also as we have stated at the beginning, what you’ll need probably varies depending on your target market and organisation¡¯s nature, we hope that it’ll be useful in your setting up an awesome e-commerce web site!

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