Toxic Mold Remediation Company Tricks to Avoid

If you have experienced a flood or additional type of water related damage, you will probably find yourself concerned about the possibility of mold growth and the health risks associated with it.
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Although there are reputable companies that focus on mold cleaning and remediation, additionally, there are those that use the fear of toxic mold contamination as a way to perpetrate scams. These types of scams often cost tens of thousands of dollars and perhaps, people have actually lost their homes as a result. Here are some common signs of a possible mold remediation scam and tips on how to avoid them.

1) They offer you totally free mold testing

Reputable mold remediation companies charge for their services and use independent testing laboratories or a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) to do air and/or surface testing regarding mold. Anyone in the mold remediation business that offers to perform mold home inspections for free, may be using this opportunity to fabricate false test results that show dangerously elevated mold spore matters or the presence of toxic black mold such as Stachybotrys. The fear of toxic mold contamination is the most common method con artists use to create very expensive mildew remediation jobs.

2) The same business offers to do the mold tests and remediation

Some companies offer the convenience of handling both the testing and remediation work. This is another approach that gives unscrupulous mold remediation companies an incentive to find mold. To prevent this particular, hiring your own CIH to do therapy and create the protocol of exactly what needs to be done can save you from becoming taken advantage of. Mold testing and inspections should always be performed by indie laboratories or hygienist’s that have no personal or financial interest in the results.

3) They offer a final air quality distance for free

The final step in the mold elimination process is a post-remediation survey termed as a final air quality clearance test. The majority of insurance companies and mortgage lenders will require the third-party clearance test before providing payment for the work. This test is designed to verify that the remediation had been done correctly and successfully and really should be performed before any reconstruction work begins. Some remediation businesses may offer to do this final check for free. However , if you allow a remediation company to test their own work, you will have no way to tell if the function was done properly or when the test results are factual. An unethical remediation company will not fail their own tests and they certainly won’t want to incur the costs to re-clean your house if their clearance test fails.

Remember, the health and welfare of your family is on the line, so be sure to come with an independent testing laboratory or CIH perform the final clearance and that it passes, before you pay for remediation function.

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