On-line Wine Clubs

Joining online wine clubs allows you to taste the wines of Italy, Chile, France and Spain without ever leaving the comforts of your home. A regular membership to such clubs is a great present for yourself or for a loved one. When your sign up for anything, there are some points to consider when looking for the perfect online wine membership.

Cost. Naturally, you have to consider the price of joining such a club.
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Remember that the membership fee is not the only cost to consider. Usually, you need to factor in the particular shipping fees and taxes.

Variety. Before you sign up with an online wines club, be sure that they have variety of the wine sources. Make sure their wines originating from several vineyards, and not just one.

Shipment policies. Most online wine clubs adhere to all federal, state and local laws on shipment, yet beware; there are other clubs that circumvent shipping laws to decrease taxes, and so forth Other wine retailers, online or otherwise can ship to certain states and deliver products even with no signature of an adult. Twelve claims prohibit retailers from shipping the wines directly to the consumers. Included in this are Arkansas, Georgia, Alaska, Kansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah, and others. Some online wine clubs never deliver to certain states even when wine delivery is allowed since the market is too small. Be sure to explain if the club delivers to where you are located before signing up for membership.

Stock policies. There are also laws that govern how retailers manage their supply in various states. In some cases, it is unlawful for retailers to move their wines from one state to another state. Several states have signed mutually advantageous agreements enabling retailers to deliver wines to consumers between states. Request the online wine club customer associates about how these inventory policies might affect you.

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