Free Gift Certificates or Free Money Vouchers?

Why are they called two different things? What are the variations and what is the best one?

There are many points in life that are basically the same thing yet are called different names. Cash vouchers and gift certificates are simply the same thing. They are called vouchers in different parts of the world. They are slightly different about what they offer. Certificates are often a pre-paid gift that is given away for free. Money vouchers are often rebates that are distributed for a lesser cost than what a normal cost of that product will be.

#1. Which is the best? Certificates are often more valuable because the giver offers purchased it for either the full cost a very small discount. IE buying a $20 gift certificate for $15 and getting an extra $5 in worth. A voucher is normally at a much bigger discount. IE getting a money voucher to use in a particular place like eBay, amazon, Microsoft etc …. The giver either gets them for free or in turn gets compensated to give them away. So the worth is really nothing more than a discount upon something they must purchase.

#2. Why sites give them away? Many sites offer free of charge cash vouchers. They want you to general purchase a larger cost product using the voucher. A site that gives away a totally free gift certificate is really taking a risk. They want something in return but the gift can be used elsewhere also. There are websites that will give away gift certificates intended for actions. They basically get paid for your clicks or signups. Then they offer you a gift certificate as an thank you!

#3. Finding certificates and vouchers. You will discover thousands of sites that offer both kinds. Many are legitimate but some want you to definitely jump through loops to receive them. There are a few sites that really just need small actions maybe 10mins.
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to complete then they reward you generously for the free actions.

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